Thank you for monitoring today!!  This is a revised SIMPLIFIED Manual for CW Monitors.  Hopefully, you have taken the On-Line Monitor training course.  It takes only 30 minutes to take the on-line training, and it details where things are located in this CW Office.

    WINTER HOURS:  8:00-4:00  
    SUMMER HOURS: 10:00-2:00

1. Turn on the light switches above class notebooks.

2. It is possible that the Membership Scanner is not on because the previous monitor shift was NOT covered.  In that case, the last monitors on duty switched off the grey switch behind the monitor’s desk so that the Membership Scanner was NOT active and the door to the CW office would be locked.  IF, when you arrive to Monitor, the Membership Scanner is NOT on outside the office door, you MUST turn on the grey switch behind the monitor’s desk to reactivate the Membership Scanner

3. Remove the Monitor Badge (upper right hand desk drawer), and THEN swipe this AND your CW Badge in the membership scanner outside the door.

4. If you need the fan, the switch is on PC side wall.

5. REVIEW and write down any messages left on the Office Phone. THEN, TURN OFF the Answering Machine on the Phone.  That means the red light is off. 

6. Read the Monitor Manual, especially the front pages with changes and corrections. 
    A. All changes are in the front of this book.
    B. Any notes/changes in the front of this notebook 

1. If you are the only monitor, please keep the office door open for your safety. (as required by the rec center)

2. Familiarize yourself with where things are located in the room and in the drawers of the Monitor’s desk.

3. Only club members will be using CW equipment. 
If a member does not have a CW Badge with them, they must input their rec card number into the Membership Computer.  IF they are a club member, their name will appear on that computer.  If they are not a member, then they may not use club equipment unless they join CW.

4. Answer all phone calls by saying “Computer’s West”.  If the caller is asking for computer help, ask if they are a CW member.  If so, refer them to the person in charge of the User Group they need help from (names and telephone numbers are found towards the front of this manual).  If they are not members, encourage them to join CW to get the help they need.


NOTE: As of 9/1/14, members must now join CW online.  A SEPARATE manual explains this procedure.
Refer to the 4 pages in the Reference Section of this binder for use of the envelopes, which are found in the second right hand drawer of the Monitor’s desk. 
    Note these separate envelopes or form:
    GREEN - New AND renewal of membership -
    BLUE-   To join an additional platform group in CW
    GRAY- To purchase a replacement CW Badge
    WHITE CARD-  For ANY AND ALL changes in membership information.
    ( EXS: email address, telephone #, new address, new rec card #)

Please remind any member who checks the renewal box that they will NOT be getting a new badge.  The old badges are reactivated as members rejoin.

Welcome NEW members and hand them a CW brochure and a Random Access newsletter.
These are located on the Monitor’s desk.  Ask new members to return to this office to pick up their new CW badge in a week.

ALL envelopes and forms must be checked and initialed by a Monitor. Checking includes that you see the Rec Card for current SCW residency!
 WHEN completed these are placed in the Membership Box UNDER THE DESK!

6. Monitors are not required to assist members on computers or on technical matters.  

PC maintenance and repair is available each Wednesday and Friday, except June, July and August when maintenance and repair is available only on Wednesdays.  This service begins at 8:00 A.M.  Help is given on a first come, first served basis.  No names are added to the list after 8:30.

APPLE User Group provides individual help as needed.  On the internet, look at, and select “Help” along the top bar for details.

This group accepts old computer laptops and desktops, keyboards, plus LCD monitors. They accept Macs, XP and Vista laptops and desktops EVERY FRIDAY MORNING IN THE PALO VERDE ROOM from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.

7. Both User Groups offer classes to their members, BUT the method of signing up for these classes is different.

Class notebooks are located below the bulletin board opposite the Monitor’s desk. In each notebook, YELLOW envelopes indicate if there ARE available openings for the class.  ENVELOPES MAY NOT LEAVE THE ROOM.  To sign up for a class, a member fills out the envelope, makes a check out to Computers West, hands the envelope to the Monitor, and you place it in the Class Fee Box under the Monitor’s desk.  

On the internet, look at, and select “classes” along the top bar. On the Classes web page you will be able to see a list of available classes and sign up on-line for the class of your choice by clicking the mouse on the right side of this web page.

8. Many members ask Monitors about RECYCLING old equipment.  Unfortunately, this is an ever-changing topic.  Refer to the Reference Section and the page on recycling in this binder.  Hopefully, it is up-to-date.

9. There is a printer hooked up to the PC equipment in this room.  Refill paper is in Cabinet # 10, the money box is located next to the printer.  If a member does not know how to use the printer, Monitors are not expected to refill paper or to assist members in using the Printer.  

10. If someone is injured while in the CW office, forms need to be filled out and turned into the Palm Ridge Rec Center office.  Blank forms are available at the  back of this notebook in the Reference Section.

11. Random Access Newsletter - These are now available only on-line.  The few printed copies on the Monitor’s Desk are for new members only.

12. Call the next shift of Monitors on duty to remind them of their shift.  Find the names on the Monitor Calendar on the CW website.  Telephone numbers are available in the CW Membership List notebook, OR you will find that monitor’s number by clicking on their name on the Monitor Calendar on the computer.

1. As you leave at the end of the day, tell any instructors who are still teaching in either classroom that the office is being closed for the day. 

2. DO NOT turn computers OR the Printer off.  They should all be left in “sleep mode”.  Turn off the PC Monitors ONLY.

3. Straighten out chairs.

****DO NOT SHUT OFF the switch for weekends. 
It is already on an automatic schedule.

5. IF there is no monitor for the next shift, you ALSO need to put the sign in the window that the room is closed due to NO Volunteers. (Example in Reference Section)

6. If you are the LAST SHIFT OF THE DAY, turn on the telephone answering machine.

7. Return the Monitor’s badge to the upper right drawer of the Monitor’s Desk.  Turn off lights and fan.